I have heard it said that whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!  Every action, every behavior has its origin in our heads as a thought or idea.  We are always in competition, or we should be.  We should be competing to be more wise, more compassionate, more forgiving, more grateful than we were last year, last week, yesterday. Even when things look bleak with our health, relationships, finances, or goals we can purposely choose to not have a negative attitude or mindset.  We tend to react to what we believe.  When we think it will be a rainy day, we carry an umbrella, just as we may wear shorts when we believe it will be a hot day.  Choose, always, to have a positive disposition and attitude.  When that is a challenge, as it often admittedly is, then we have a wonderful opportunity to flex our mental muscles by lifting our mindset to a more positive level.  We ARE  winners, so long as we decide that we are, and choose to act accordingly.  #GOLDENmindset (Grateful Optimistic, Loving, Driven, Encouraging, No matter what)

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