Give Your Emenies EXACTLY What They Deserve

If you’ve even been lied to, lied on, cheated on, slandered, abused, or had some other wrong levied against you, then you know the hurt and anger that can bring.  You may even know the desire to have the wrong-doer pay for what they’ve done to you. The more egregious the act against you, the greater desire for justice or revenge!  Well lean in as I share how to give that person EXACTLY what you owe them…ready? Mercy and forgiveness.  Your eyes are not deceiving you! We owe mercy and forgiveness to our enemies, because of the mercy and forgiveness which has been extended to us. Also, in order for us to heal from the pain that person caused in our life, we have to release them by forgiving them. The act of forgiveness releases the poison of hatred from our system the way Draino or Liquid Plummer releases a clogged drain. Praying for mercy for the one who has wronged you is not easy, it isn’t even natural.  But with God’s help and power we can say “have mercy on _____”. Remember, the wrong-doer is a wounded person, which is why they wounded you. They are giving out of the capacity and abundance of what they have and who they are. Likewise, keep in mind that were it not for God’s mercy upon us, we would be in a worse position than being hurt by that person, we could actually BE that person – or worse. In fact, that is exactly what happens to us when we don’t extend mercy and forgiveness. We are not to minimize their actions or the impact upon us – we are just taking the focus from our desire to avenge, and instead focusing on our need to heal. Think of someone who has hurt you, now give them what you owe them…you will be better for it. I promise.

2 thoughts on “Give Your Emenies EXACTLY What They Deserve

  1. The pain that person has caused makes you want to get back at them… Sometimes worse then what they did to you. I understand that that not forgiving only allows me to hold on the pain and remain in emotional bondage. I know that it’s baggage my heart can’t afford to carry. And I know forgiveness doesn’t make me weak. But one thing…. It’s HARD. It’s hard for me to let go of the wrong doing when it was done on purpose. Like my mentor tells me it’s about changing your mindset as well. So for me.. Im working on changing my mindset first so that I can forgive with an open heart. *Ephesians 4:32 ❤

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    1. Hi EB.
      Thank you for the feedback and also for your transparency. You are correct that it is VERY hard forgive and even more so to seek mercy. It’s easier to want to get ’em good. But easy is for whimps, anybody can handle easy. You are a warrior, you are victorious even as you progress through your healing journey. You can handle hard – you can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength.


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