JAMES 11:43

Fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic has included isolation, illness, anxiety, uncertainty, and death. It hasn’t been easy to find hope and optimism during these perilous times. Multiple daily reports of disease, doom, and gloom can be overwhelming. The other day, it occurred to me that the report of a thing is not necessarily an accurate assessment of a thing. While there has been much grief and pain from the Pandemic, there has also been much hope, resilience, and support. Unfortunately, the former is often shouted, while the latter is only whispered.



I’ve tried to glean as much positivity as possible from the COVID-19 Pandemic; including a more profound sense of gratitude for life, meaningful relationships, and unfolding opportunities. Focusing on the positive, has lead to reflection about loss. Many of those losses have been caused by me. If I had a nickel for all of the “deaths” I’ve been responsible for, I’d be a rich woman. I have buried (or allowed to be buried), among other things; a healthy self-image, goals and aspirations, responsible budgeting, and even friendships. Oh yes, I have a kept the coffin makers in business!



“Lazarus, come forth.” Everyone is familiar with those words, spoken by Jesus Christ. Jesus’ friend Lazarus had been sick, and while Jesus was away, died. Lazarus had been entombed for several days when Jesus eventually showed up. He SHOUTED for Lazarus to leave his tomb. Christ did not whisper, He SHOUTED! What had been dead and buried, was brought back to life.



In the year 2020, as in years gone by, God is powerful enough to bring to life that which has been buried. What have you put in a casket and buried? Your writing, baking, or other business venture, your degree or certification, your confidence & courage, your friendships & family bonds, your peace of mind, your voice – – whatever you have buried, no matter how long ago, have faith that now is the time to take those grave clothes (doubt, fear, anger, unforgiveness & bitterness, pride, etc.) off, and shout your affirmation to get up.

Once this Pandemic has passed (and it surely will), we should not be content to merely have survived, but rather be determined to thrive.

Running in the Sun

Be well, dear friend.

Live GOLDEN (Grateful Optimistic Loving Driven Encouraging No matter what)

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