Deposits and Withdrawals: How to stay BALANCED

To Deposit Or Not...That Is The Question
To Deposit Or Not…That Is The Question

When it comes to banking, both depositing and withdrawing are important. Withdrawals are needed to pay bills, shop, tithe, or any number is things for which resources are needed. However, no withdrawal can be made unless there has been a prior deposit, right?  The other day I woke up thinking about old songs we used to sing in church like Yield Not to Temptation, We’ve Come This Far by Faith, Trust and Obey, and the list goes on. That led me to reflect on three church leaders who have impacted me the most: Reverend Dr. Arthur E Kemp, Pastor Joey Johnson, and Reverend Dr. Ronald Fowler. Thirty years later, I still refer to a line Pastor Kemp used to say about people not “finding Jesus”, because He was never lost – we were.  The insights into God’s character and nature taught in Logos Bible School by Pastor Joey have given me a hunger and thirst for God I’d never known.  For all the dignitaries he knows and all the positions he has held in the community, I have never met a more humble, loving, Bible-living leader than Pastor Fowler; each of his sermons made me want to be a better person by walking closer to God. Like my grandmother, who made me join the children’s choir, every Easter play, and the Jr Usher Board at Mt Olive Baptist Church, those men have deposited into my life. I am able to withdraw grace, forgiveness, love, patience, prayer, selflessness, faith, discipline, and encouragement, because those very things were deposited into me.  Dear reader, always deposit into others, and always be grateful for the withdrawals you are able to make because of those who have deposited in you. #ToDepositIsLove #ToWithdrawIsWise  #InvestWisely

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