Captivity: Part 2

Contempt for Captivity

Two weeks ago I shared that I’d been guilty, like the Children of Israel, of grumbling and complaining after having been delivered from situations of captivity. I confessed that I’d even sought to return to captivity, and in some cases did in fact return.

When God had Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt, He had a plan for them. He was not scratching His head, eyebrows furrowed, wondering “what now? I sure wish I’d thought this one through.” Through sign after sign, miracle after miracle, delivery after delivery, God showed that He was faithful, loving, capable, and trust-worthy. Yet, the people doubted.

We- let me speak for myself- I have been guilty of the same. I sought return to situations that were brutal because of my discomfort, distrust, and disobedience. How thankful I now am that the doors were bolted shut when I left, and I was not allowed re-entry to the place of captivity.

It has taken a long time, but I have finally believed the Good Report. Remember the twelve representatives who scouted the land the Israelites were to possess? Ten of the twelve brought a Bad Report back to Moses, Aaron, and the people. Only Joshua and Caleb delivered a Good Report. All twelve people knew the land where the Israelites were to be delivered was prime real estate. However the majority of the twelve didn’t think it possible to possess the land. They wanted to die in the desert or even worse, return to the “comfort” of their captivity in Egypt. (Numbers 13 – 14)

You and I have places of promise we should be excited to enter, but we are fearful. There may be giants to slay and battles to fight, but we will be successful when we value the promise of our future over the comfort of our captivity. You may have lost a job, friend, or partner that actually had you bound. Now is the time to bravely walk into the abundant life that awaits you. Refuse to long for the comfort of captivity, but instead view it as contemptible. Neither have contempt for the struggles you may face in your freedom, those struggles are the price of admission to success.

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