EVERYBODY HAS TO GO: A collection of 50 inspirational messages as we travel the wondrous journey of life.

Most of us have lived multiple “lives”. Grade school life included anxiety about writing and memorizing spelling words. High school life included agonizing about pimples, popularity, and proper clothing choices. Early adult lives revolved around impressing professors, drill sergeants, supervisors, and most certainly the object of our affection. Lives after age 30 may include marriages, divorces, births, lay-offs, ailments, illnesses, and losses of varied types. No matter which life we are currently living, each of us can benefit from lessons taught by experience and maturity. Everybody Has to Go is a collection of some of those lessons.


GOLDEN LIVES – Book 2 of 3 in the GOLDEN Series

When we saw them last, Kevin, Melissa, Regan, and Kim were reeling from Regina’s death.

Sometimes looking back gives us a good idea of how to move forward.

How did I get here?

Kevin is in jail for killing his pregnant wife, Regina. Kevin never quite measured up to his mother’s expectations; might that explain his feelings of shame and unworthiness?

Melissa is Regina’s best friend. She is struggling in her role as the interim director at Golden Choices. Has the fact that Melissa was largely ignored by her mother and unprotected by her father contributed to her self-doubt?

Regan, Regina’s sister, returned to work directly after her sister’s death. Her resolve to move on is outweighed only by her impenetrable unforgiveness. Will Regan address and resolve her abandonment issues, breaking down the walls around her heart?

Kim, Regina’s one-time coworker and friend, is an unemployed single mother who is HIV-positive. Can there be redemption for Kim? Is redemption what she seeks?

How do I move forward?

Forever connected by tragedy, these four people must find a healthy way to move forward, or else…


GOLDEN CHOICES – Book 1 of 3 in the GOLDEN Series

Regina had spent much of her life searching for love and acceptance. Her search ended when she met and married Kevin Golden. Kevin’s passion for his work at the Golden Choices center for troubled youth was initially admired by Regina, but that admiration turned into resentment as Kevin spent increasingly more time there. Will Regina revert to her old habit of looking for love and acceptance? Mike, a supervisor at her job, is more than happy to oblige.


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