RECYCLED? No Thanks.

To recycle means to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of; to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration.  The idea is wonderful for trash and waste, not so much for people and relationships.  Recycling works for THINGS, not for PEOPLE. It may be wonderful to … More RECYCLED? No Thanks.


Thanksgiving is hands down, my absolute favorite holiday.  The food aromas alone make me absolutely giddy.  Spending time with loved ones, without the expectation or pressure of any gifts being exchanged – it is pure and sweet.  The love of Thanksgiving began long before I knew about giving thanks, due to fond memories of huge … More GIVING THANKS

Please, Discriminate!

We need to be more discriminating! Hear me out, before you get up in arms. The definition of discriminate, applicable to this blog, is to distinguish, differentiate, separate, or tell apart. Several conversations with young people (teens to twenty-somethings) over the past few weeks, prompted this writing.  Their situations are likely common to many young, … More Please, Discriminate!

Taking Out the Trash

Most of us know how to sort trash.  Papers, plastics, food wastes, etc.  Things are better for our home, and for the environment, when things are disposed of properly. There are times, however, when things accidentally end up in the garbage.  Who among us has never accidentally tossed a cell phone, retainer, piece of mail, jewelry item, or even … More Taking Out the Trash