Not Noun

The old adage “patience is a virtue” is quite an understatement. Patience is an art. A skill. A goal. Patience is easier advised than exercised. I’ve learned (the hard way) that to be patient is necessary to prevent becoming a patient. As difficult as it is, we would do well to be the adjective as … More Not Noun


If you are blessed enough to have a mother who is still alive, cherish her. If your mother has passed away, may you find comfort and peace in cherished memories of her. If you are a mother or have mothered others, thank you.   Grateful Optimistic Loving Driven Encouraging No matter what


… are all around us, perhaps even in the mirror. We’ve all heard the saying “hurting people hurt people.” That is generally true, and it may be the reason why our homes, communities, nation, and world are in such devastating shape. Too many of us are hurting the hurt instead of hearing, helping, and healing … More HURTING PEOPLE …


It is with indescribable joy and gratitude that I announce GOLDEN LIVES, the 2nd of the 3-book GOLDEN series, is ready for purchase. GOLDEN LIVES may be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Books-A-Million. As always, your support is as important as it is appreciated. After reading the GOLDEN LIVES, I encourage you … More GOLDEN LIVES is out!