Captivity: Part 1


Most people have heard the story of Moses and how he lead the Children of Israel from captivity.

In a nutshell, the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt, and God used Moses to deliver them to a land of their own.

Once out of Egypt, the Israelites faced many trials and difficulties. Among other things, they were; pursued by Pharaoh’s army, certain they’d die in The Red Sea, and grumbled about being hungry and thirsty. Despite the sea being parted, the army being drowned, and eating bread from Heaven, the Israelites were malcontents. The people were so afraid, angry, and rebellious that they wanted to return to Egypt … and be slaves … AGAIN!

It used to be easy for me to read and hear about these people and shake my head at their pride, lack of faith, disobedience, and ingratitude. Thankfully with age has come a bit of wisdom – or at least revelation.

As I look over the last few years of my life (and other times as well since I’m being honest) I have foolishly- even if subconciously- wished to return to a place of captivity. Not in the physical sense, but rather emotionally, financially, and spiritually. I have actually been delivered from toxic situations (jobs, relationships, financial debts, etc.) only to foolishly seek return to such situations. Sometimes I actually did journey backward.

We oftentimes regress by seeking comfort from the things/people/places that held us as captive slaves rather than flourishing in freedom; it is easy to do. Wondering aimlessly, or the perception of doing so, can be a scary thing. It is important to remember that being freed FROM a situation means being released TO something else. Just like there was a promise and a plan for the Israelites when they were freed from Egypt, there are promises and plans for us when we are no longer bound in captivity.

Join me in two weeks as we wrap up, hopefully ready to enter into our lands of Promise.

Until then, Live GOLDEN: Grateful Optimistic Loving Driven, Encouraging, No matter what!

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