3d-Gold-Love-Heart-Transparent-BackgroundI don’t believe in coincidence. Everything, despite how insignificant it may seem, happens for a reason and purpose. That includes the fact that you have decided to visit this website. Thank you for making that decision. The decision to create this website was borne out of the revelation of a mission: to execute the purpose for which I was created. My purpose is to pour encouragement, hope, and inspiration into the lives of others; through written and spoken word, and always with openness, compassion, and humor.

Hopefully, by the time you have left this site, you will be a “GOLD” digger. My motto is “Live GOLDEN (grateful, optimistic, loving, driven,DropQoute encouraging – of yourself and others, no matter what!). That motto is not just something slapped across a website or a catchy acronym. The “Live GOLDEN” motto is actually the SOM (Standard Operation Manual) for my life. Every single day, in every single situation, I try very hard to dig for “GOLD”! No matter what, I have to remind myself that I have a lot for which to be grateful. There is no hope without optimism. Love really does conquer all, and to be driven is to move forward in pursuit of that which will allow your growth and development. Thank you for stopping by this website – take a look around, and be sure to stop by again for updates. Meanwhile, join me in being a proud “GOLD” digger!


26 thoughts on “Home

  1. My name is Tori L. Hollingsworth and I am A LOUD AND PROUD GOLD DIGGER! Her name is Dionne R. Bell and she approves this message! LOL! There are GOLD DIGGER’S and there are gold digga’s/hood trigger’s. GOLD DIGGER’S live life like its golden because it is. Hood trigger’s sit or hang around in the hood gossiping about neighbor’s and each other instead of living because they’re afraid of change, so instead of trying to pull one another up {like Dionne does} they’d much prefer to exacerbate their current situation. Be around Dee for a moment or for years, BEST believe you’ll be living YOUR life like its GOLDEN too! Dee, you’re SUCH a PHENOMENALLY gifted woman and an encouraging blessing to everyone you come in contact with. I love you Frister, and I bet you don’t know this but whenever I say the phrase “DIVA BEST BELIEVA” YOU ARE the reason I made this up! We’ve grown through so many phases of life together and I KNOW the best is yet to come! I’m so very proud to know you, and its proof positive that no person, no place and no thing just happens!

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  2. She aint nothing but a “GOLD” digger… lol I love it, and love u Dee. You are AWSOME and not only a blessing to me, but a blessing to ANY and ALL lives u have and will touch.


    1. Thanks for the visit to the site Phill (see I even gave you two “L’s”). Be sure to follow and comment on the BLOG page. Love you much.


  3. I love it D! This is only the beginning! Keep encouraging others!

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

    Romans 8:28


    1. Thank you for the support tampat07. Anything coming from me which is good or right is simply God shining through, so to Him be the glory!
      Love you much,


  4. 2016 your year, your time! A huge turn of events for you my friend. Your encouragement and confidence have not only propelled me to think about my future positively but keeps me reviewing my options daily. I am grateful to have been blessed to have such a wonderful friend with such a wonderful spirit in my life.
    So proud of you. Thank you for inspiring me.
    Love you,


  5. Dionne, your written words have been an inspiration for my life for over 20
    Years. I am so grateful that you are my friend. Please continue to allow Gods grace to abound
    As you share the Golden truth. Love you much. Congratulations


    1. Thank you Teek. You are the most proof-readingest, have-my-backest, so-proud-of-your-sisterest baby I
      know. I just love you so much.


  6. Wow Dionne this is absolutely wonderful. You are such a blessing and a joy to have as a sister/friend.You are such an encouragement and support to so many. I thank God you have taken the vision given to you and ran with it. The windows of Heaven are already open for you sis keep on moving. I love you and I’m soooo proud of you.


    1. Denise I love and appreciate you. As a young lady taking off with her own new-found business, you know the birthing pains, then the
      unspeakable joy of giving birth to the purpose and passion for which God created you. Thank you for always having my back.


  7. Thank you for just being YOU. Your words are always uplifting, positive, and food for the soul. I can honestly say I am truly blessed to have you as a friend/sister. So very proud of you and cannot wait till see what the future holds for you.


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