The current COVID-19 Pandemic is obviously like nothing we’ve experienced in our lifetime in the United States. We are painfully aware of the loss of life, lack of necessary medical supplies and equipment, limited medical staff in certain regions, and lack-luster response by some officials.

Stay-at-Home, Social Distancing, and strict sanitary and sanitizing warnings have been mandated and implemented. Make no mistake, even when the pandemic is over, life will never be the same. People will have the void left by loved ones who did not survive the virus. Patients and their families who survive the virus will forever have memories of battling an illness so scary that the very act of breathing was a laborious struggle that could oftentimes could not be accomplished without mechanical assistance.

In addition to the negative, there are positive changes that will result from the COVID-19 Pandemic, prayerfully even more. Companies and agencies should have more efficient work practices, society will have become accustomed to more healthy hygiene practices, and people will have experienced new levels of caring, sharing, and compassion. It is heart-warming to read and hear stories of people checking on neighbors and loved ones, making grocery store runs, and providing donations to hospitals.

As folks are at home more than ever, they’re finding themselves with a lot of time on their hands. While some are able to be entertained (if not driven nuts LOL) and kept company by those in their households, many live alone, or are in hospitals or other facilities which prevent loved ones from visiting. I encourage everyone to make a contribution to the list of positive results from this unprecedented situation.

On social media we’ve seen challenges for everything from swallowing cinnamon to posting pictures of parents and their children to see how much they may resemble each other. I’d like to issue a challenge for the month of April. Every day, use FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or some other video chat method to contact at least two people at the same time. The video chat session will have a singular focus; sharing positivity, encouragement, and inspiration. That may manifest in reading a Scripture, praying together, discussing a project or idea being worked on, or some other optimistic topic. My son attends a church in Alexandria, VA, and he inspired me more than he knows by sharing  sermon messages via the church’s Podcast. I have been so blessed by some of those sermons that I was inspired to share many of them with friends and family members, just like my son did with me. Good news should be shared and spread more rapidly and far-reaching as any virus. NOTE TO SELF: Make sure to visit Alfred Street Baptist Church the next time I’m in Alexandria!

The reason for connecting visually with at least two others is to promote a sense of group interaction during this time of distancing. People need people- to see and interact with other people. The added benefits include people sharing much-needed positivity and hope in the midst of such uncertainty. We can help make this time of aloneness not feel so much like isolated lonlieness. Please prayerfully consider this EACH ONE REACH A FEW challenge. You will certainly gain, as you sacrificially give a few minutes of your time each day. And you just may inspire others to do the same. How great would that be?

Be well dear reader, and Live GOLDEN: Grateful Optimistic Loving Driven Encouraging No matter what

P.S. This is admittedly going to come off as a shameless plug, but it really isn’t intended to be that. Just last week my booklet, EVERYBODY HAS TO GO was published and I actually started reading it on Monday. It is a little book of 50 encouragements that I’ve found it to be as much of a hope-builder for the author, as it was meant to be for the reader. So, in the event you, dear reader, are looking for a fun and easily read book of optimisms, check out EVERYBODY HAS TO GO! Thank you

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