Take an “L”

In order to truly win, you need to take (at least) one hearty “L” each day: love, laughter, learning…Dionne R. Bell


We all know that “taking an L” usually refers to someone taking a loss in a particular situation. In fact, people will often make a letter L with their thumb and index finger to indicate that one is a loser.  I submit to you that there are 3 L-words: love, laughter, and learning, which are essential for one to win.


Learning: To learn is to grow.  Growth represents life.  That which is not growing is essentially dead.


Laughter:  The world’s best medicine is laughter.  It is no secret that laughter positively impacts our bodies.  It boosts the immune system, decreases stress, and actually diminishes pain.  Another benefit of laughter is that it is contagious.  Don’t believe me?  Try this: the next time you are with family, friends, or coworkers, tell a corny joke, then laugh as heartily as possible.  Before long, those around you will begin to first smile, then chuckle, and eventually be laughing along with you. When you or someone you care about is in a sad or rough place mentally, recalling a humorous joke, story, or event and having a good laugh about it can work wonders.  Think about it, how angry or sad can you feel while you are having a hearty laugh?  Even if you are in an argument with someone, it is hard to continue the conflict while sharing a laugh.  Laughing improves your mental health, your physical health, and your environment.  Your smile and laugh make the space around you a better place – -a place where others will want to be.


Love: The greatest of these is love.  With love, all things are possible.  You see I happen to believe the words which teach us that love is patient, kind, and forgiving.  Love is never prideful or selfish.  Love will always protect, trust, and persevere. 


After further consideration it seems that we are not just winners when we take an L, but we are most successful when we GIVE at least one “L” to others each and every day.



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