Please, Discriminate!

We need to be more discriminating! Hear me out, before you get up in arms. The definition of discriminate, applicable to this blog, is to distinguish, differentiate, separate, or tell apart. Several conversations with young people (teens to twenty-somethings) over the past few weeks, prompted this writing.  Their situations are likely common to many young, … More Please, Discriminate!

When 2+ 2 does NOT equal 4…Beliefs vs Behavior

I love picking people’s brains (and emotions) to engage in stimulating conversation. How do you (or have you, or would you) handle a situation in which your beliefs and potential behavior may not agree?  For example, if you believe sex outside of marriage is morally wrong or a sin, do you give condoms or a safe sex talk … More When 2+ 2 does NOT equal 4…Beliefs vs Behavior