Whose Right?!?

Do parents have a right to enter a child’s bedroom without knocking? Do children have a right to expect privacy in their parent’s home? Does it matter if the child is an adult or not?
In my opinion, every person deserves respect. Children should be able to comfortably and confidently use the bathroom or shower without fear of someone barging in. They should be able to entertain company without being hovered over. Children should be able to have notes, love letters, and other personal items in their rooms or drawers without worry of exposure…usually!
More Whose Right?!?

Do you know what the Earth’s greatest (most precious and valuable) resource is?  I’ll give you a hint: look in the mirror! That’s right, people – especially you, are hands down the most important commodity on the planet, and worthy of proper investment.  No family, business, church, group, or agency can enjoy maximum return without maximum … More

Which Lives Matter (REALLY) Most

  Race, ethnicity, military experience, economic status, gender, religious beliefs, political preference, and a myriad of other factors make us different, and often divided. News is ever-increasing with stories about people hurting, sometimes fatally, each other because of their differences. Whose life is most valuable, most important, matters the most? Is it the white police … More Which Lives Matter (REALLY) Most