Burn Baby Burn

Last week’s blog covered untying, instead of cutting and burning “knots” and “bridges”.  This week, lets briefly look at a situation in which we should be quick to burn bridges. Most of us have made choices which did not reflect our best decision-making.  Sometimes, the consequences of those decisions have caused deep pain to ourselves, … More Burn Baby Burn

Are We There Yet

We’ve all either asked, or been asked, “Are we there yet?”  The excitement, or sometimes dread – depending upon the destination, can get the best of us.  Even as we are yet traveling, we tend to want to rush the journey.  We often fail to realize that the journey is the only way by which … More Are We There Yet

I Love My Scars, For They Are Proof Of My Healing

In my early teen years I sustained burns on my lower legs and feet.  Very bad burns.  My grandma used to cook fish on her back porch in an electric skillet.  I can still smell, and almost taste that perfectly golden-fried deliciousness as I reflect.  One particular time, I’d asked to fry the fish.  When the … More I Love My Scars, For They Are Proof Of My Healing