Give Your Emenies EXACTLY What They Deserve

If you’ve even been lied to, lied on, cheated on, slandered, abused, or had some other wrong levied against you, then you know the hurt and anger that can bring.  You may even know the desire to have the wrong-doer pay for what they’ve done to you. The more egregious the act against you, the greater desire for justice or revenge!  … More Give Your Emenies EXACTLY What They Deserve


If you’ve ever had an immunization, been numbed prior to having dental work, or been anesthetized prior to a procedure then you know the initial needle prick is often painful.  We accept, even welcome that pain though, because we know it is temporary, while the long-term benefits outweigh that temporary pain.  The same applies to relationships and honesty. I … More TRUTH HURTS, LIES KILL!