JAMES 11:43

Fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic has included isolation, illness, anxiety, uncertainty, and death. It hasn’t been easy to find hope and optimism during these perilous times. Multiple daily reports of disease, doom, and gloom can be overwhelming. The other day, it occurred to me that the report of a thing is not necessarily an accurate … More JAMES 11:43


The current COVID-19 Pandemic is obviously like nothing we’ve experienced in our lifetime in the United States. We are painfully aware of the loss of life, lack of necessary medical supplies and equipment, limited medical staff in certain regions, and lack-luster response by some officials. Stay-at-Home, Social Distancing, and strict sanitary and sanitizing warnings have … More EACH ONE REACH A FEW

Burn Baby Burn

Last week’s blog covered untying, instead of cutting and burning “knots” and “bridges”.  This week, lets briefly look at a situation in which we should be quick to burn bridges. Most of us have made choices which did not reflect our best decision-making.  Sometimes, the consequences of those decisions have caused deep pain to ourselves, … More Burn Baby Burn