As parents, most of us have had to navigate rough waters with our children.  For some of us, “rough” does not even begin to describe the situations we have faced (or are currently facing) with our children.  Whether elementary age, tweens, teens, or adults, when our children struggle – we struggle.  In a previous blog I argued that … More SINK, OR SWIM?

Are We There Yet

We’ve all either asked, or been asked, “Are we there yet?”  The excitement, or sometimes dread – depending upon the destination, can get the best of us.  Even as we are yet traveling, we tend to want to rush the journey.  We often fail to realize that the journey is the only way by which … More Are We There Yet

Making it Better

Many people are cooking and baking, shopping and wrapping, cleaning and decorating, and doing many other things to make their holiday great.  Sadly, there are many who are struggling with loss: loved ones, jobs, health, and more. Whether facing joy, pain, or a combination of both, there is something I’ve discovered: that makes EVERYTHING better. … More Making it Better