Captivity: Part 2

Contempt for Captivity Two weeks ago I shared that I’d been guilty, like the Children of Israel, of grumbling and complaining after having been delivered from situations of captivity. I confessed that I’d even sought to return to captivity, and in some cases did in fact return. When God had Moses lead the Israelites out … More Captivity: Part 2

Captivity: Part 1

THE COMFORT OF CAPTIVITY Most people have heard the story of Moses and how he lead the Children of Israel from captivity. In a nutshell, the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt, and God used Moses to deliver them to a land of their own. Once out of Egypt, the Israelites faced many trials and … More Captivity: Part 1

Celebrate In Dependence

As Americans celebrate Independence Day, there is an air of jubilation and excitement that is experienced County-wide. And rightfully so.  When oppressed groups of people, recent graduates, and others gain their freedom, or become independent, it is cause for celebration.  When people become debt-free, escape from abusive situations, and end cycles of dysfunction, it is … More Celebrate In Dependence