Acting Childish

Are you Childish

Most of us would balk at being described as childish. Being considered a childish person usually connotes immaturity and foolishness.

Kam silly face

Lets consider another perspective, in hopes of embracing the idea of acting a bit more childish. We’ve all been to parties or activities during which children dance, play, and carry-on with reckless abandon. If not in person, surely you’ve seen videos and memes.

Dancing Baby GIF

It occurred to me that we adults are too self-conscious, easily embarrassed, and inhibited. We would do well to take a lesson from children running through water without caring about their hair, dancing in a crowded area regardless of appearing coordinated or on-beat, and having a heartfelt laugh or cry despite the accompanying ugly face.


There is something refreshing and pure about having an experience untainted by fear. Children express themselves without questioning whether or not they will be rejected, ridiculed, or rebuffed. We should be like that. I remember in my elementary years dancing atop a cement wall that surrounded a church in our neighborhood. My sister, our cousin Nikki, and I would sing and dance on this wall- which faced a busy street- totally happy and carefree. Not a shred of self-consciousness or embarrassment despite the many passers-by. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we learned to be careful not to embarrass ourselves and to be aware of what “they” might think or say. I shudder to think about dancing on that wall today and that’s a shame.

Judgemental GIF

As you dance, offer an opinion or ask a question, consider a change that will improve your life or situation; be child-like. Childish. Move confidently and enjoy what you’re doing even if your method or style doesn’t look like “theirs.” Do you think the child in the store wearing the rainboots, winter hat, summer shorts, and mix-match socks cares what you think of their fashion style? NO. They are pleased to be seen wearing their favorite articles in which they dressed themselves!

Be life-loving and people-friendly just like the child you see being carried over someone’s shoulder who smiles and coos and makes facial expressions at the people facing him/her. I’m not advocating immaturity or foolishness. I am encouraging you to embrace a childlike attitude of freedom to be yourself. Have fun. Laugh – a lot. Lighten up. Recover quickly.

Kam and DeeDee



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