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The old adage “patience is a virtue” is quite an understatement. Patience is an art. A skill. A goal. Patience is easier advised than exercised. I’ve learned (the hard way) that to be patient is necessary to prevent becoming a patient.

As difficult as it is, we would do well to be the adjective as opposed to the noun.

  1. able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.
    “be patient, your time will come”
  1. a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.
    synonyms: sick person · case · sufferer · victim · invalid · convalescent · outpatient

Everyone has had to wait for something. Some of us are currently waiting for something: a mate, a job, a promotion, an opportunity, a brighter day, graduation, relief, healing, a movie or book release, the birth of a child, a wedding date, a check. Waiting is sometimes excruciating.

Traffic Jam

Waiting is mandatory. How we wait is optional. Being anxious, angry, and annoyed don’t decrease the wait time. If patience is a virtue then impatience is a vice. Impatience is the breeding ground for anxiety, worry, discontentment, and stress; all of which lead to emotional and physical affliction.

Today I want to encourage you to count, recite a favorite quote or verse, sing or play music, pray, read or write, do whatever is needed to help you patiently wait for fill-in-your-blank. The more dire the situation, the harder it is to exercise patience- believe me- I know. As a person who is in a desert season right now I can attest to the fact that not being patient can result in you becoming a patient. I want better for you.

My sincere desire is that you “be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12 NIV)

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