… are all around us, perhaps even in the mirror.

We’ve all heard the saying “hurting people hurt people.” That is generally true, and it may be the reason why our homes, communities, nation, and world are in such devastating shape.

Too many of us are hurting the hurt instead of hearing, helping, and healing the hurt. Light, not darkness, is the remedy for darkness. Love, not hate, is the remedy for hatred. Compassion and kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration, and grace and mercy are the remedies for those who hurt, not more hurt.

People are more preoccupied, rushed, stressed, and stretched than ever. There is little stability or security in jobs, relationships, health or wealth. Manners and morality are virtually non-existent. Mothers and fathers are losing their children to death, drugs, prison, the streets, depression, and disease. People are caring for and burying their parents. People are angry. People are afraid. People are hurting.

Most of us are struggling with some type of pain or disappointment. As a remedy, lets extend compassion to each other. Most hurting people don’t want to hurt. We can help ourselves and each other heal by extending a bit of patience and TLC. Hurting people can become healing people.

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