Burn Baby Burn

Burning Bridge

Last week’s blog covered untying, instead of cutting and burning “knots” and “bridges”.  This week, lets briefly look at a situation in which we should be quick to burn bridges.

Most of us have made choices which did not reflect our best decision-making.  Sometimes, the consequences of those decisions have caused deep pain to ourselves, and to those who love and care about us.  Poor choices, life circumstances, and the actions of others can have severely negative impacts upon us.  Before we know it, we can find ourselves in deep, dark pits of depression and isolation, pain and sorrow, and bitterness and unforgiveness.


Sometimes, we are blessed and fortunate enough to have a flicker of light to help us see our way through that dark place.  That “light” may be community and companionship, counseling and treatment, or love and forgiveness (extended to self and/or to others).  It only takes a spark, a flame, to illuminate a dark situation.

Light At Tunnel

Once we have seen our way from darkness to light, we must do everything we can to not travel back.  Once we have crossed the bridge from destructive to constructive thoughts, attitudes, and behavior, we must fight to stay on the “other side”.  It is absolutely okay- it is strongly encouraged- to burn bridges that keep us traveling from dark to light, negative to positive, death to life.

When tempted to return to the old ways of thinking and behaving which are unhealthy, try to resist.  Take a match to those negative thoughts and let them burn.  Positive thoughts and actions will set you on a new path, allowing you to go- and grow farther than you ever thought possible.


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