When cleansing my face, I use a brush that automatically turns off after one minute.  One recent morning, I was distracted, and realized I’d never moved the cleansing brush from my forehead.  “What?  Where did that minute go?”  Chuckling, I reflected how just the previous day, when in a rush, that same minute-long cleansing brush seemed to take forever to stop circulating.  Then it dawned on me, the minutes never change – instead, how the minutes are utilized – that changes EVERYTHING!


Each day, we are each given 1,440 minutes.  Some of us anxiously await the passing of those minutes – in a hurry from one task to another.  We fail to enjoy being in the present moment, instead, focused on (even worried about) what the next minute will bring.

moving fast

Current minutes are also wasted when they are laboriously spent.  We begrudgingly enter each minute with the same dread as we left the previous one.  We fail to embrace the present moment, instead, focused on (even worried about) how awful the last minute was.


Today, I washed my face with purpose!  Determined to enjoy the feeling of the bristles on my skin.  Imagining the dirt and grime being washed away, and refreshed skin being revealed, I savored the current minute.  It was liberating to focus on the task at hand, free from the burden of worrying about a past that can not be changed, or a future that can not be predicted.  I shall carry the attitude of that face-washing minute forward into the remaining 1,439 minutes of the next 24 hours.


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