Are We There Yet

We’ve all either asked, or been asked, “Are we there yet?”  The excitement, or sometimes dread – depending upon the destination, can get the best of us.  Even as we are yet traveling, we tend to want to rush the journey.  We often fail to realize that the journey is the only way by which the destination may be reached.


We often behave the same way as we travel life’s journey.  The destination may be marriage, financial wealth, physical healing, a job or promotion, a restored relationship, recognition or fame, a degree, relief from grieving, and the list goes on.  As we struggle toward the destination, we get tired, sad, impatient, angry, frightened, lonely, and sometimes hopeless.

Children disappoint us.  Parents become ill.  Spouses die.  Friends forsake us.  Financial freedom eludes us.  Pounds fail to drop despite the diet and exercise plans.  Companionship is nowhere to be found.  Business and ministry plans do not come to fruition.  We fight backaches, tooth aches, cancer, diabetes, MS, mental-health disorders, hypertension, HIV, ADHD, Hip C, and more.

Our mantra changes from “Are we there yet?” to “Get me out of here!”


When we are hurting, struggling, grieving, disappointed, and weak, we are wise to cry out for help.  We are not meant to carry our burdens alone.  As created beings, we have to concede that our Creator is superior to us.  The pot is not superior to the potter.  The building is not superior to the architect.  You get the point? If we believe that our Creator can sustain us, since He in fact created us, then we are indeed wise to seek Him for help and strength when our journey is difficult or seemingly impossible.  When we ask, we receive.  And here is the beauty of it all – we only need ask once.  Continuously asking, “Are we there yet” does not shorten the journey.  Rather it tends to cause tension, annoyance, aggravation, and anxiety.


God knows you.  God hears you.  God loves you. God is mighty to save, heal, deliver, mend, redeem, restore, and respond.  He can open doors, windows, hearts, wombs, minds, accounts, and pathways.  God always listens, and He never forgets.  So ask Him for what you need – ONCE – and then every time that burden crosses your mind thereafter, instead of asking for the same thing (“Are we there yet”), simply thank God that He heard you, and is already working on your behalf.

Even if the pain, person, or position doesn’t change, you will be changed.  You will be more thankful, trusting, strong, and equipped than ever.  When you do reach your destination, you can say thank you.  Not just for the destination, but for the journey as well.


4 thoughts on “Are We There Yet

  1. Hey Dee, it has been a while since your last post. This one resonates within me; I am so tired of people telling me I have no feeling about anything, so not true. I feel deeply but I understand I am not in control so where ever the Lord decides to taken me I go good or bad I go. I do not always enjoy the jorney because sometimes it hurts but i always try to grow from it, at times it is a slow growth, which means sometimes you can not see none the less its growth and progress. So I agree try to enjoy the jorney, the final destination will be worth it.

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