Celebrate In Dependence

Let Freedom Ring

As Americans celebrate Independence Day, there is an air of jubilation and excitement that is experienced County-wide. And rightfully so.  When oppressed groups of people, recent graduates, and others gain their freedom, or become independent, it is cause for celebration.  When people become debt-free, escape from abusive situations, and end cycles of dysfunction, it is cause for celebration.  Independence is a wonderful thing!

Please be mindful beloved reader, that the more reasons we have to celebrate in our lives, the more inclined we should be to live IN DEPENDENCE upon God.  We are unable to accomplish anything truly meaningful or lasting without complete and intentional dependence upon the One who is all wise, all powerful, and ever present.

My hope for you this July 4th is to have a safe, and fun-filled day.

My hope for you every day is that you live IN DEPENDENCE upon God’s promises, God’s wisdom, God’s grace, and most importantly His sacrificial love for each and every one of us.  Only then will we experience freedom of cruel oppressors such as guilty, shame, anger and bitterness, unforgiveness, greed, selfishness, and such.

Helping Hand

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