If It Is FREE…Believe Me, It Cost A LOT!


People often say “the best things in life are free”.  They use that saying when referring to things like love, freedom, equality, a refreshing drink of water, etc.  Oh if only that were true.  Life has shown me that the “free” things in life are usually those that have cost a great deal.

This column is being written on Memorial Day.  Every day I try to purposely express gratitude for those people who have sacrificed so much for the life I enjoy.  Some of those people I know, but most I do not.  I know that my parents, grand-parents and other relatives have made countless sacrifices because of their love for me.  There are teachers, counselors and coaches who sacrifice countless hours with their own families, because of their love of promoting growth and development in young people.  The rights of free speech, religion, bearing arms and so on – they all cost a lot of people very dearly.  The ability of

all people to drink from the same water fountain certainly cost a lot, some having paid the ultimate price.

Not just today, but every day we should be mindful to show gratitude, respect, and honor to those (veterans, parents, teachers, religious leaders, champions of equality, janitors, secretaries) who have PAID so very much for the FREE stuff that all of us enjoy.  Many of the things we enjoy for free were actually more expensive than we could every imagine paying for.

Carrying Cost


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