I Dare You…I DOUBLE Dare You…I TRIPLE DOG Dare You!!!

My shoulders are squared, my chest is puffed up, and my jaw is set.  This blog is about a dare, challenge.

Most of us know a teen-ager or young adult who may be struggling with grades, poor decision-making, or bad behavior.  Many of us know adults in similar situations.

All of us tend to, even if it subconsciously, meet the expectations which people have of us.  We see this used in a healthy and positive manner when teachers ignite a spark in a student which grows into a burning fire that can only be quenched by knowledge and growth.

When we know that someone sees something positive in us, that they are proud of us, that they see something in us that we may not even see in ourselves, we all – every one of us, want to do and be better!

So here is the challenge, the thing I DARE YOU to do: think of someone, young or not-so-young, and speak a positive truth into their life.  Do it every day for at least a week.  I can guarantee that while you may not see a change, there will definitely be one.  That person will, possibly for the very first time in their life, have a seed of hope and possibility planted inside of them.  Have you ever seen a mustard seed?  If not, I will include a picture and you will see my point.

Something as small as letting someone know you see something positive in them, some gift or talent, some potential of what they can accomplish, can grow into something so bountiful that it will boggle the mind.

If you are a person who is unfortunate enough to have never had anyone speak positive into your life, then I challenge you to do that for yourself.  Look in the mirror and tell the person staring back at you how brave, strong, smart, beautiful, kind, selfless, loving, or (you fill in the blank), they are.  Plant that little seed, nurture it’s growth, then plant it in someone else.  I DARE YOU!

mustard seed mature mustard seed

3 thoughts on “I Dare You…I DOUBLE Dare You…I TRIPLE DOG Dare You!!!

  1. Good job Dee, I think I read somewhere; it takes one thousand positive words to overcome one negative one, the way I see it we have a lot of work to do. Therefore, I accept your challenge. You are beautiful, smart, brave, and self motivated. Keep writing and lifting the spririts of others and never forget yourself.

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