Who is the next Leonardo DiCaprio? Lebron James? Carrie Underwood?

No matter how great of an actor, athlete, or singer you are, you will NEVER be Leo, Bron, or Carrie.  No matter how much talent you have, how hard you work, or how much pressure you put on yourself, it will never be enough to morph you into someone else.  You may be able to sing Carrie UNDER the table.  You  may be able to handle a basketball in a way that makes a KING bow down.  You may able to act in such a way it takes the recently won feather out of Leonardo’s CAP.  Still, you will never be anyone other than you.  It is great to have role models.  It is perfectly fine to admire the talent and the accomplishments of others.  What is never acceptable is to aspire to be someone else.  You will fail every single time.  Instead, what you can do, what you in fact should do, is pour all of your effort and energy into becoming the very best YOU!  The way to do that is to figure out your purpose.  Why are you alive?  What were you created to accomplish?  Once you do that, you will have the freedom to make every choice and decision in your life in accordance with your purpose.  You will free from wasting your time, effort, and energy doing the same things, day after day, year after year, with no specific goal or destination.  Once you move in and toward YOUR thing, you will not be distracted trying to mimic what others are doing, or have accomplished.  We don’t need another Leo, Lebron, or Underwood…we just need the best you.

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