EarthDo you know what the Earth’s greatest (most precious and valuable) resource is?  I’ll give you a hint: look in the mirror! That’s right, people – especially you, are hands down the most important commodity on the planet, and worthy of proper investment.  No family, business, church, group, or agency can enjoy maximum return without maximum investment in it’s members, it’s people.  How does one invest in people? By making them feel appreciated, empowered, important, respected, and included. You don’t need to have one red cent, or any knowledge of the stock market in order to immediately begin investing into that which will guarantee untold positive return.  Bottom lines will blossom and numbers will increase exponentially as we genuinely pour into each other.  LiveGOLDEN: Grateful, Optimistic, Loving, Driven, Encouraging (of self AND others), No matter what!

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