What to Shout In a Traffic Jam

We have all been on the way to or from work, an event, or activity when BAM! We grind to a stop because of a traffic jam. Often choice words come to mind, and are sometimes muttered aloud as we alternate between glancing at the clock, moving as far to the side as possible to see what’s ahead, and making calls to advise of our tardiness.

The next time you are stuck in traffic I challenge you to view it from a different perspective than one which frustrates you due to being inconvenienced. While you are stopped take the time to consider the person(s) who may be injured – possibly fatally. Maybe be thankful you have transportation, are healthy enough to drive, and are IN a traffic jam and not the CAUSE of it. Maybe say words like Help them; Bless their loved ones; Thank you for protecting me. Let the traffic jam be on the road, not in your heart.

3 thoughts on “What to Shout In a Traffic Jam

  1. True. My mom taught me this before I could even drive and I still do this today. Sometimes I find myself getting stopped at EVERY SINGLE red light, then I sit back and say, “Whew! God sholl is protecting me from something today!”

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  2. “Be thankful you…are in a traffic jam and not the cause of it.” Truer words have never been spoken. I just had this conversation on FB yesterday with a friend who has MS. I told her that her posts always have a way of bringing to my attention just how much we take for granted.

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  3. We get do caught up in our own minds that your right, not taking time to consider maybe something bad has happened. Your last sentence was right on point.. Love that. Thanks Dionne!

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