Do Free Lunches Cost Too Much?

Recently I heard a study about hunger among high school students that disturbed me; but not for the reason you may think.  The study reported that up to 30% of high school students in the United States go hungry each day.  More alarming than that was the reason for the hunger.  The students, whose families are below the federal poverty line, are part of a program that allows them to have free lunch in school.  According to the study, those students chose to go hungry rather than eat in the cafeteria where the free lunches are served. Many of their peers, who were not part of the free lunch program, would eat from the school’s store, café, or fast food restaurants.  The students on the lunch program stated they were embarrassed to be seen eating in the school cafeteria.  Get this though, students whose parents were not U.S. born and who were a part of the free lunch program DO eat the food served in the cafeteria, and report not being embarrassed to do so!  I know students sometimes envy the shoes, clothing, and cars of other students, but it broke my heart to realize such a large number of students would CHOOSE to be hungry – but only students of U.S. born parents.  It is hard to wrap my mind around why students of U.S. born parents have such a different (and self harming) attitude than those of non-U.S. born parents.  Any thoughts?  More importantly, any ideas for solutions?

2 thoughts on “Do Free Lunches Cost Too Much?

  1. That was a very interesting article you read. It is a shame that the media has cause the American people to believe that we are to good for a hand up, which is confused to a hand out. People will freeze in there home and go hungry rather than get the help they need, and then there are those who do not need the help but will steal it from those willing to receive it. People from other nations truly know what poverty is, American have forgotten Our poor wear Jordan’s, they are poor because it’s last years version, while those in other countries may be lucky to have shoes. Americans so caught up in appearance. Yes it is a shame, and it breaks our hearts.


    1. Thank you for the insight Fitz. As usual, you provide a lot of insight. Hopefully there is a solution, starting with youth, for that attitude, because it is heart-breaking to see needless suffering.


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