Do You Have an “I” Problem?

Everyone goes through tough times. We struggle with health and physical pain, work (or lack of work) issues, disagreements with our mates, siblings, or children, and the list goes on. Sometimes life seems like one storm after another.

Let me share something that helps me when I am tossed to and fro by life’s gusts and waves. To do a vision check! In other words, we should take inventory of where our eyes are focused.

Focusing on the storm can cause us to drown. We tend to rely on our own devices when the boat starts to sink. That is the equivalent of trying to get rid of rising water with a thimble – it is an exercise in futility. Next time you are faced with a storm, try this: trust in God with all your heart, not depending on what you understand or believe or feel. Try taking a deep breath, and without being anxious, but with thanksgiving for all the good things in your life, seek God and make your requests to Him. It is impossible for both thankful and negative thoughts to occupy your mind at the same time.

Even in the midst of the storm you will experience a peace that cannot be explained. By taking your eyes (focus) off the problem or circumstance you unburden yourself from having to come up with a solution or shoulder the burden alone. You can instead focus on being thankful for what you have; which includes One who is able to deliver us. Even if the storm doesn’t get better, you certainly will.

Let’s get our “eyes” checked the next time the waters begin to rise around us.

5 thoughts on “Do You Have an “I” Problem?

  1. Yes Dee,you are on point, I find that focusing on the problem only makes it worst or at least appear that way. We should certainly not ignore it but concentrate more on a solution. This is how I do it, if the problem is large I compartmentalize it then plan the attack. Most wars are not won over night but over time with many battles we have to make those battles ones that we can win. God has equipped us with the tools we need to not only survive the storm but to be victorious, so be the winner you were called to be.


      1. Good point EB. We have to be willing to embrace our storms – and that is unnatural. Who wants to embrace something which can wreck havoc? It is a learned discipline, and I believe that we can accomplish that with the right Help, not leaning on our own devices. Thanks for the feedback…love it.


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