If you’ve ever had an immunization, been numbed prior to having dental work, or been anesthetized prior to a procedure then you know the initial needle prick is often painful.  We accept, even welcome that pain though, because we know it is temporary, while the long-term benefits outweigh that temporary pain.  The same applies to relationships and honesty. I have often said the ugliest truth is always more attractive than the prettiest lie. People often say they lie to protect another person from something, but I submit to you that when someone is lying they are only trying to protect themselves. Lies are always based in selfishness.  The liar wants to engage in a behavior, and not be accountable for it.  It is always that simple. While the truth may initially be painful, a lie is always fatal: it kills trust, hope, and fellowship.

2 thoughts on “TRUTH HURTS, LIES KILL!

  1. A lie is but for a moment but the rebuilding of the trust, hope and faith could be for a lifetime depending on the depth of the hurt.


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