AND THE WINNER IS…Should Blacks Be Upset About the Oscars

By now most have seen or heard about Stacy Dash’s interview on Fox. She stated Blacks need to decide if they want segregation or integration.  She said if integration is wanted the BET, the NAACP, and even Black History month should be eliminated.  As I scan through t.v. channels I see Hispanic, LBGT, and other channels geared toward specific groups of people.  It isn’t an issue of wanting to be segregated, but rather that certain groups have been so excluded by the mainstream population, they have to create their own channels, and celebration venues.  Lets be clear, America was built upon of the contributions of people of many shades, races, ethnicities, religious, and other preferences. The diversity of those contributing to this country is not even taught in school, much less celebrated or respected. Groups of people can celebrate themselves without wanting to be segregated, maybe they just to be recognized and celebrated.

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