Lose Weight Instantly…GUARANTEED

In our want-it-now microwave society, I can offer you a guaranteed method to lose weight within minutes.  Eliminating two things from your life will net immediate results.  As much as they are ingrained in our daily “diets” we have to let go of GUILT and UNFORGIVENESS.  What?  “Oh no Dee, he cheated on me!”  “Are you crazy, that woman has caused me a lifetime of pain, and done things that are completely unforgivable!” “If you knew the kind of person I was and the things I’d done, you would know I deserve to carry this guilt!”  All of the aforementioned I’ve heard, and probably even said.  As we chat about this, we can dig deeper into what forgiveness is, but for now, let me tell you what it ISN’T. Forgiveness is not acting as if the wrong never happened.  It is not a belief that the person who did wrong should not be held accountable, and forgiveness certainly is not for the benefit of the person who wronged you.  Same thing with guilt, condemning yourself. Despite what you think or feel, it serves no beneficial purpose – only a destructive one. Let’s dig into this one folks. I want to share some tips which I believe will help all of us.

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