TAKING A SIDE on Making a Murder


By now most of you have seen the Netflix Documentary about the arrest and murder conviction of Steve Avery.  I binged-watched the 10 episode series thanks to pressure from my daughter Kristin.  Since the airing, there has been a lot of new “evidence” and “testimony” which has surfaced.  Based solely upon the Documentary, would you have found Steven Avery guilty of murder if you were a juror?  While my heart bleeds for the loved ones of Teresa Halbach, were I on that jury I would not be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of Steven Avery’s guilt. She’d been to that property multiple times, what was Steven’s motive for murder that particular time? Why no blood if such a brutal crime was committed at the property? Why would he not have not crushed the vehicle instead of just hiding it in plain site? It just doesn’t add up for me. If you have something to add, or if you disagree I’d like to hear your opinion.  Let’s chat about it.


One thought on “TAKING A SIDE on Making a Murder

  1. I honestly can’t say what I would’ve done as a juror – simply because all the evidence that was presented in the movie was not presented in the courtroom and to the jury. So based on only the evidence presented to the jury, it might’ve been enough for a conviction. That being said, all the new evidence being presented IMHO is definitely enough to AT LEAST raise reasonable doubt. I have some of the same questions: Why, after killing someone, did he leave her car out in plain sight?…Why was the car key miraculously “found” also in plain sight after several home searches and only AFTER the Manitowac (sp?) authorities showed up?…Why was he not more diligent in cleaning up the blood that just happened to appear (again) in plain sight in the car…Why/how was SA’s nephew (who is a minor and CLEARLY) has some type of mental delay) interrogated for HOURS with no parent and/or attorney present? This entire case, just like the initial case of the rape that he did not commit, reeks of foul play. That city was on the verge of being hit with a lawsuit sooo big, and something had to be done to avoid a big payout!


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